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Easy Installation:

Installation is easy, and just takes a few minutes. Every set of holders includes everything you will need. You can mount hockey sticks at any angle on any surface. The stick will stay put at any angle. It appears the stick is floating on the wall. Hang your sticks on angled walls - or even the ceiling!

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Customer Testimonials:

Hi! We recently purchased the hockey stick display and it's great. We really like how it enhances the appeal of the stick and we didn't have to put up a big clunky case on the wall. Here are a few pics of our display. It is a San Jose Sharks 20th Anniversary stick signed by Joe Thornton and JSA authenticated. Thanks! - AL & Jason- Jason, Ohio
What an ingenious idea! Seriously, just a simple non obtrusive way to display hockey sticks. Your sales motto says it all "notice the stick, not the display.- Paul, California