Hanging goalie hockey sticks

Goalie sticks have a different shape than regular hockey sticks.

goalie sticks have a different shape

Hanging a goalie stick with our Holders is the same as a regular stick. The handle of a goalie stick is the same size and shape as a regular (forward or defensemen) hockey stick. The brackets are mounted the same as you would for a regular stick, and are strong enough to handle the lopsided weight. We have a number of customers using our hangers with their goalie sticks.

another example hanging a goalie stick with our hockey stick holders

There is, however, a unique situation with some game-used goalie sticks that poses a different challenge to hang.

some goalie sticks have a taped knob at the end

Most game-used goalie sticks have a large knob made of tape on the top of their handles; some are thicker than others. This is added by goalies to balance the stick and help it not slide out of their hand.

When hanging a goalie stick with this taped knob, it can push the stick away from the wall, and not allow the hanger to get a solid hold on the stick. In these situations, Breakaway Displays offers Goalie Spacers*.

Not every goalie stick needs the Goalie Spacers*, just sticks with taped knobs over ¼ inch thick.

hanging game-used goalie sticks

Is this the case with your goalie stick?

Breakaway Displays has you covered. When ordering Holders, be sure to buy the Game-Used Goalie Stick Holder.*

Goalie Spacers accommodate thick taped knobs

* Not every goalie stick needs the Goalie Spacers, just sticks with taped knobs over ¼ inch thick.

Easy Installation:

Installation is easy, and just takes a few minutes. Every set of holders includes everything you will need. You can mount hockey sticks at any angle on any surface. The stick will stay put at any angle. It appears the stick is floating on the wall. Hang your sticks on angled walls - or even the ceiling!

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