About Breakaway Displays

Breakaway Displays™ started late 2007 from a personal product need. I have many game-used and autographed hockey sticks, and even a couple of special, limited edition signing sticks from my favorite NHL players. Early 2006 I was frustrated because I could not find a way to display my sticks on the wall besides large, clunky (and very expensive) shadow box type displays. Those might work for one or two sticks, but not when trying to hang 10+ sticks in an office. So I designed and made a few holders, now known as Breakaway Displays™. The entire idea behind these holders is not seeing the holders. I want people to notice the sticks, not the displays!

After a couple of friends and family members saw my sticks "floating" on the wall, they too wanted the hangers. A local sports collectible store said they repeatedly turn away customers seeking to solve the same problem, and confessed they even lose collectible hockey stick sales because there is not an easy or cost-efficient way to display them.

Fast forward almost two years: I tested the market with a few prototypes of my Breakaway Displays™ hockey stick mounts, holders, and displays. Initial response was overwhelming, and Breakaway Displays™ was born.

Every single hockey stick holder is made by hand, start to finish. Every single holder is made as if it's going on my wall, holding my own prized hockey stick; every bit of attention is paid to the details.

I promise, if you're looking for a way to hang your game-used, autographed, or limited edition hockey stick, look no further, you will not be disappointed.

You can always email me directly for anything,

Jeff Williams
Owner, Breakaway Displays™

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Simple and inexpensive - it's everything you'll need to display your hockey stick collection! Don't delay

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Nice product...Thank you.- Matt, Illinois
Love the stick holders...couldn't be happier...- Kim, Pennsylvania

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