Quick and simple to install, effortless to enjoy

Very easy to install. Enjoy your hockey collectables in no time!

How It Works
Not only can you mount the sticks at any angle, you can mount ON any angled surfaces, including ceilings

There are no limitations where you can display hockey sticks!

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Martin Brodeur Game Used Goalie Stick

Hanging goalie sticks has never been so easy!

Hanging Goalie Sticks
Mounting hockey sticks has never been so easy

"Amazing invention, great instructions, works perfectly, looks great"
-Gerald, Ontario, Canada

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Chicago Blackhawks matching signed sticks

An inexpensive alternative to hockey stick display cases!

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Specializing in autographed, game-used, and limited edition Hockey Stick Displays

Breakaway Displays™ is committed to producing the best Hockey Stick Hangers on the market. Our displays do not take attention away from your prized hockey stick. Show off that autographed, game-used, or limited edition hockey stick!

Our hangers can display ANY hockey stick: Forwards, Defensemen, Goalie Sticks, Left Handed, Right Handed.

You can mount hockey sticks at any angle on any surface. The stick will stay put at any angle. It appears the stick is floating on the wall. Hang your sticks on angled walls - or even the ceiling! ...Notice the stick, not the display.

The holders are lined with soft felt so the stick is held tightly, but very well protected. They will not scratch or chip your autographed and game-used sticks!

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Installation is easy and just takes a few minutes. Each set of holders includes everything you will need.

The beauty of these holders (besides the fact that people won't notice them) is you can easily remove the stick anytime you want to show it off. Easily take the stick down and put back up without clips or tools of any kind.

Why bother with the expensive, bulky hockey stick display cases that detract from the stick and are difficult to install? Are you showcasing the stick or the display?

Your sticks will appear to float on the wall. Ready to order?

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Simple and inexpensive - it's everything you'll need to display your hockey stick collection! Don't delay

Customer Testimonials:

You asked if I had time to send a few pictures... Well, I don't have much time but I had to send them to you anyways to show you how happy I am with the turn out! I was actually able to use them on a 45 degree down angle off the cathedral ceiling we have with a Phil Kessel stick that goes with a 20 x 24 picture of Kessel as well using velcro believe it or not!!! Check it out, I was so happy I ordered another set for a friend. Thank you so much, keep it up!!!- Jesse, Pennsylvania
I received the holders and mounted Hejduk's game used stick. The mounting part only took about 5 minutes.......the hardest part was finding a place in my house to mount it. Thanks for a great and easy way to display this "treasure" from the Avalanche!- Marc, New Mexico

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